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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – While many Colts fans woke up to the shocking news that Colts Punter Pat McAfee decided to hang up his cleats for a microphone full time on Thursday, those who are closest to the Pro Bowler say it was almost a foregone conclusion.

“I can tell you from my own personal experience… once entertaining people successfully grabs a hold of you it’s hard to get fired up about a much else,” new Barstool Sports Indy Producer Todd McComas said. “Even though he’s the best punter to ever play, if that’s not your passion that’s not going to fulfill you.”

McComas, a former Indiana State Trooper, also just retired recently. The 21-year-veteran trooper quit the force Jan. 25 to join McAfee on his new endeavor.

“They put no limits on us at all. That’s why (Pat) loves Barstool and I love Barstool,” McComas said. “(Barstool) thinks outside the box and it’s just, ‘put your foot on the throttle, get as much stuff on camera as possible, get Pat on camera as much as possible and be as creative as you can.’ That’s basically what they asked. How do you turn that down?”

The duo couldn’t and are now looking for a space in downtown Indy to set up shop. Staying in Indianapolis was one of McAfee’s most biggest demands when agreeing to go to work for Barstool Sports, McComas said.

“Pat was just like, ‘I want people to have something here. I want Indianapolis to be known for this. Maybe people will start moving here that are entertainers because of this,'” he said.

McComas, a comedian himself and part-owner of Morty’s Comedy Joint on the north side, has opened for McAfee at comedy shows a half dozen times and they started a podcast together. He said while loves comedy and sports, this opportunity with Barstool will let Pat pursue a different passion.

“He loves business as much as he does kicking balls or making people laugh,” McComas said. “He loves business and now this is a chance for him to kind of run his own thing.”

McAfee will be in charge of the personnel and content coming out of the Indy bureau and will have a financial stake in the office’s success, McComas added.