Internet helps man see his son graduate

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(June 4, 2014) – One Florida man has the internet to thank for his ability to see his son graduate.

With his car on the fritz, a father found himself unable to travel the 450 miles from Tallahassee to Eutis, Fla., to see his oldest son graduate high school.

So he posted a humble request to Reddit in a thread about crossing off bucket-list items: “I want to see my son graduate from high school. Don’t have the resources to travel the 300 miles. Graduates Friday May 30th.”

He was met with overwhelming support.

Redditers kicked into action.

One person helped him get a cheap mega bus ticket, another person used “Holiday Inn” points to get the dad a room, and others offered him a ride from the bus to the hotel.

The proud dad posted these pictures online of he and his son with a big thank you.

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