Investigation into Cary Owsley case continues as two-year anniversary of death approaches

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(March 19, 2015) – His life came to a sudden and violent end on April 7, 2013. Forty-nine-year-old Cary Owsley was found with a gunshot wound to the chest in his home in Columbus. But was it a suicide as the Bartholomew County coroner immediately ruled–based on statements from the victim`s estranged wife–or was it murder?

Bill Smock is an experienced forensic investigator for Louisville Metro Police. He was given the report and began to dig into it.

“It was clear that things didn`t fit,” said Smock. “The physical evidence did not match the story that was given by police.”

Smock examined all of the police reports and photos taken at the scene.

“This diagram shows the entrance wound on the front of the chest, the exit wound on the back, that says the bullet was in a downward trajectory,” said Smock.

The problem with that: the bullet hole in the wall is 12 inches above the chair.

“How can a bullet with a downward trajectory break spindles in a chair and then turn around and reverse course? It can`t happen,” said Smock. “Based on what I have seen so far and my review of the information provided, I do not think this was a suicide.”

As FOX59 reported in our investigation, Owsley`s wife was once married to the deputy who appeared at the scene and touched the body and disturbed the evidence.

All those inconsistencies compelled Owsley`s sister, Cheryl Jackson, to make it her life mission to find out what really happened. Her pro bono attorney, anticipating a civil rights lawsuit, asked the FBI to consider the case and this month, the new Bartholomew County sheriff asked the feds to take a new look at the case.

“We fought long and hard to get here, we believe that the investigation will reveal that this has been a cover up,” said Trent McCain, the family attorney. “Who did it, we don`t know, but we want whoever is responsible to be held to account.”

So far the FBI has not released a timetable. The two-year anniversary of Cary Owsley`s death is in two weeks.

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