Allen County sends $25K bill to Marion County for Bisard trial

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INDIANAPOLIS (March 19, 2014) – Marion County owes Allen County more than $25,000 for the David Bisard trial, according to an invoice from Allen County.

The bill from Allen Superior Court puts the exact total at $25,588.13 for the 17-day trial, which was moved from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne because of excessive pretrial media coverage. The bulk of the expenses were for mileage, meals, lodging, per diems and materials for the jury. That total came to almost $19,000.

An Allen County jury found the former Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer guilty on all nine charges he faced in the August 2010 drunk driving crash that killed motorcyclist Eric Wells and injured two others. Those charges included reckless homicide and criminal recklessness.

Bisard was sentenced to 16 years with three years suspended, making it effectively a 13-year sentence.

Here are the expenses as broken down by the court:

  • Expense of keeping Bisard (50 days at $35/day) – $1,750.00
  • Expense of transporting Bisard – $142.38
  • Any extraordinary expense for keeping Bisard (Medical Expenses) – $451.37
  • Expense of mileage, meals, lodging, per diems and materials paid to jurors – $18,592.58
  • To court bailiff per trial date ($5/day for 17 trial dates) – $85.00
  • Official shorthand reporter ($8/day for 17 trial dates) – $136.00
  • Facilities and Utilities ($10/day for 17 trial dates) – $170.00
  • Other expenses (overtime hours for sheriff) – $4,260.80

See the bill here

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