IPL offers customers cost-saving programs online to save on power bills

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Power bills are expected to spike in about two months, and homeowners are being encouraged to take advantage of free programs and personalized customer information online to save power and money.

Indianapolis Power and Light Company is pushing its online dashboard called Power Tools that allows customers to review their bills in detail and compare them with their neighbors.

Winter is only months away and local power companies are urging customers to take advantage of their cost-saving programs online as demand continues to increase. Energy-efficiency tips are included in IPL’s online dashboard as is personalized account information that dissects a homeowners or businesses power usage.

“It adds up. Those pennies add up really quickly,” said Bill Nushardt, an Indianapolis homeowner.

“I’m good about making sure things are off, but other people in the house don’t seem to care,” said Sandy Lee, another homeowner.

IPL’s dashboard is called Power Tools. It outlines the power companies programs in one spot online.

“We’re probably about two months away from when our customers really see a considerable rise in their bills,” said Brandi Davis-Handy, an IPL spokesperson.

Customers can check out how much they are spending to power their homes or businesses on a specific day, where they are spending the most money each month and how their bill compares to their neighbors.

“We have said, our customers can expect a 2 to 3 percent increase in their electricity bills between now and 2018,” said Davis-Handy.

Some of the tips provided online suggest making certain home improvements and investments that vary in price. On the list of inexpensive investments are compact fluorescent light bulbs and faucet aerators.

“There are several things you can do to bring the cost of your bills down,” said Ernie Rodgers, a local resident.

“When I grew up, energy was cheap, real cheap,” said Nushardt. “Now, energy is a big expense, so you’ve got to start changing your way of thinking about that stuff.”

For more information on IPL’s cost-saving opportunities you can go online: http://www.iplpower.com/

Energizing Indiana offers detailed information and access to a variety of power companies that offer similar programs.


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