IPL plans to cut about 100 jobs in Indiana, appoint new CEO

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) plans to cut about 100 jobs in Indiana by the second quarter of this year.

The AES Corporation, which IPL is a subsidiary of, made the announcement on Monday. The company also announced that Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) will cut 60 jobs in Ohio.

AES says the reduction in jobs is part of its plan to position IPL and DP&L “to operate more efficiently and continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy solutions for their customers.”

The company also named a new CEO. Craig Jackson will take over the position on March 31. He has served as CFO for IPL and DP&L for the past five years.

Ken Zagzebski will assume the role of Executive Chairman of the Board of IPL and its holding company, IPALCO, as well as for DP&L and its holding company DPL Inc.

“While these changes are difficult, they will allow us to improve efficiency and continue modernizing our infrastructure while maintaining affordable electricity for our customers,” said Zagzebski. “This transformation will enhance our performance, and support investments in new energy solutions that will make a positive economic contribution to both Indianapolis and Dayton.”

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