IPL restores all weather-related power outages

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INDIANAPOLIS – After Sunday’s winter storm and thousands of people lost power, the Indianapolis Power and Light Company announced they restored everyone’s electricity.

IPL promised customers everyone would be able to turn on their electricity by Thursday. The company met its deadline.

“This was a difficult restoration effort in terms of what really cause(d) these outages (that) is what really hampered the restoration efforts and that (was) the weather,” Brandi Davis-Handy with IPL said.

About 65,000 people experienced outages because of the winter storm. Davis-Handy said heavy snow weighing down power lines were a big problem. As well as frozen power lines and tree branches that yanked power lines down toward the ground.

“We’re glad we were able to get everyone restored. We know anytime (you lose power it can be) difficult for our customers to be without power,” Davis-Handy said.

IPL crews worked nonstop to restore people’s power. They received help from outside companies. A total of 516 people worked in -at times- unbearable weather to get the job done.
“”We really appreciate our customers for their understanding for their patience and really the dedication from this community,” Davis-Handy said.

If customers remain without power, IPL directs them to check to see whether they have any blown fuses and they should also make sure their circuit breaker is turned on. If customers experience problems after that, they should contact 261-8111.

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