IPS teacher robbed walking to his car

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An IPS teacher was robbed after school on Wednesday and he believes the two people who robbed him were around the same age as someone in middle school.

Anthony Delarosa is a teacher at Francis Scott Key, School #103, 3920 N. Baker Dr. The two young men approached Delarosa around 6:40 p.m. as Delarosa walked to his car.

One of the men was behind a dumpster. He came out and pointed a semi-automatic pistol at him. The other man walked toward him from the woods.

“I have been robbed myself and so I know what it feels like and so I feel great compassion for this young man who was victimized yesterday afternoon and had a gun pointed at him,” IPS Chief Steve Garner said.

Garner said Delarosa gave the men what they wanted. He gave them his keys, cell phone, wallet and lunch box. Delarosa was then told to crawl away from his car. Then, the men stole his car.

IPS detectives are working with IMPD. Detectives are looking for Delarosa’s car. It is a blue 4-door Honda Civic. It has Ohio license plate number FPR6644.

School cameras captured the entire armed robbery.

“I am concerned for his (Delarosa’s) welfare. I am concerned for the welfare of all of our employees and visitors and staff,” Garner said.

Garner emailed employees and staff members within IPS and nearby charter schools. He wanted to alert them about the armed robbery. He said he wants people to be careful walking to and from school. He also wants people to listen to students in case the perpetrators brag about the cram.

“Children have a tendency to talk and brag about what they did last night and so, we’re hoping someone will come forward and say I heard a young man say he was involved in a robbery,” Garner said.

More patrols have been added to that area as detectives investigate. If you have any information, contact authorities.

Fox59 contacted Delarosa who did not want to comment.

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