Irvington business owner looking for help catching burglars hitting his establishments


INDIANAPOLIS — An Irvington business owner needs the public’s help to track down burglars that he believes are responsible for numerous thefts at his establishments.

Over the weekend, crooks broke into Wyliepalooza Ice Cream & Anime on Washington Street. Surveillance cameras caught them making off with cash, checkbooks, and the store’s safe.

“When it comes to Wyliepalooza, again, they knew exactly what they were going for when they came in. They didn’t ransack the place. They knew where everything was at,” detailed Wyliepalooza owner Sami Ali. “They went right to the back and grabbed our safe. When someone is looking for something, you will come in and things will be thrown all over the place. The store was clean.”

It was only a few months ago that burglars broke into nearby Level Up Gaming Lounge twice. Ali is also the owner of that establishment. In both incidents the thieves made off with expensive gaming computers. The second burglary happened right after they installed a security system in response to the first burglary.

“We got an alarm system, and it’s funny, the same day we did the alarm systems, [the alarm company] was like, ‘Hey, your alarm system, the way they set it up, it won’t call 911 until tomorrow.’ That same day someone came in, and robbed us. They took another four computers.”

It has been months since the gaming computers were stolen, and the lounge has yet to replace them due to production delays in getting the high-end parts and equipment it takes to operate them.

“If we don’t have something customers want then they will go to another location, and become comfortable going to their location,” added Ali. “We won’t get that clientele back.”

After watching the surveillance footage from the situations, he thinks the same burglars have hit him three times now.

“They both break the door similar, and if they don’t break the lock, then they try to go for a window,” detailed Ali. “They literally just run in and grab it while the other one is looking for cash.”

We reached out to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. In regards to the cases, they tell us investigators always search for connections in burglary cases, especially when they are in close proximity. In the meantime, Ali is beefing up security once again at his businesses.

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