Irvington clothing store break-in caught on camera

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- “This is the luckiest dude in the world, that no one saw him out front,” said Tommy Dant, the owner of James Dant Men’s clothing store in Irvington.

At about 10:30 am on Friday, a man smashed the glass of his front door in broad daylight and stole about $350 worth of merchandise before the alarm scared him off.

“It’s kinda surprising that no one saw it happening,” Dant said. “It seems like everyone was just a few minutes shy of stopping it.”

Washington Street isn’t exactly a hidden spot. His store directly across the street from the Irvington branch of the public library has been open for about six years. Now, he has a boarded-up front door welcoming his customers.

“My first thought was just wow, that’s a lot of damage to the door,” Dant said of when he walked in this morning.

James Dant opens at 11:00 am, owner Tommy Dant usually comes in about 20 minutes early, but today this thief showed about 30 minutes early. Dant got an alert on his phone about the alarm going off as he was sitting in the parking lot out back.

“My brain didn’t process how quickly everything had happened,” Dant said. “He was just here a few minutes before I got in, if not 30 seconds before I got in the door.”

It took the burglar nearly ten minutes to make his way into the store. When he got in, the alarm started blaring, so he quickly grabbed about $350 worth of clothes and took off.

“That much time to get in to take three things that probably don’t even fit him,” Dant said.

This isn’t the first time Dant has had something stolen, however, it is the first break-in. For the multiple thefts he’s had in the past, he says every time he spread the video around, the suspects get recognized then and get caught.

“We’re still hoping that people see the video and maybe someone knows who it was so we can keep batting 1,000 on catching people,” Dant said.

A few hundred dollars in merchandise and a few thousand dollars in damage later, Dant just wants this thief caught, and crime in Irvington to stop.

“Irvington has been a really good area for us and I think for a lot of other people too, it’s just been kind of a recent string I think for a few of the businesses that have been broken into,” Dant said.

“I don’t think any part of me really feels like this is something that is going to keep happening to people, it really feels like a singular incident.”

If you recognize the person seen in the video or know anything about the theft, contact crime stoppers at 317-262-tips. The thief made off with a jacket and shirts.

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