Irvington community frustrated with folks illegally dumping outside of recycle bin

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Irvington community members are fed up with people not using a nearby recycling bin properly.

Someone has been taking all their trash and dumping outside of the bin at the Irvington Plaza Shopping Center.

So, when Jud West arrived at the bin Friday, it was just as he thought; there was nothing but trash everywhere.

"They didn’t even attempt to put the stuff that’s recyclable in the dumpster. They just dumped," Community member Jud West said.

West says this isn’t out of the ordinary. He's seen people miss use the city’s recycling bin before.

"The dumpster used to be on the other side of this building where it was out of sight and it was a mess over there. The city thought oh we will move it on this side where there is more people. I guess the bad guys really saw it has an opportunity," West said.

He says something must be done.

"Maybe the community would look better. People would act better. We got to respect each other, and this just shows a definite disrespect for everybody around," West said.

Indy’s Department of Public Works asks for only recyclable items to be taken to one of the 20 drop-off sites.

Some of the items left on the ground today don’t meet the recyclable standards.

"One or two things people may leave because they don’t know but this mess. Somebody knew exactly what they were doing," West said.

A DPW spokesperson says the city does use surveillance cameras at various locations known for illegal dumping.

The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services uses the footage for their illegal dumping investigations.

DPW says if people continue to miss use the bins, they can take them away.

West hopes this problem can be fixed.

"This is a nice neighborhood. Yeah, this old plaza and has seen better days but it doesn’t deserve this, and Irvington doesn’t deserve this," West said.

BNS will be investigating the illegal dumping left at this site and make a recommendation on clean-up.

If you ever see anyone illegally dumping call the Mayor’s Action Center at (317)327-4622.

For more information on where to recycle items in Indianapolis; click here.

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