Irvington woman offers reward after thieves stole her priceless jewelry


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Thieves broke into an Irvington home and stole priceless jewelry.  The burglary happened during the afternoon on Valentine’s Day. Someone got in through a side door and took off with a jar of cash and a jewelry box.

“My heart just sank, and my stomach dropped, and the first thing I thought about was is my jewelry box still there,” says Shelby Zornes.

The jewelry box was full of sentimental items, but the piece that means the most to Zornes is a gold, heart-shaped locket on a gold chain. It has a mother-of-pearl inlay with a little gold star on it with a pearl in the middle.  The locket has been passed down in her family for decades.

“It came from my great-grandpa when he was in New York, when he was drafted for World War II. He had gotten it for my grandma,” said Zornes.

Zornes doesn’t care about the money; she just wants her memories back.

“You got a lot of family heirlooms, a lot of memorabilia. You have what I have left of my great-grandparents, that’s it,” said Zornes.

Within days of the burglary, Zornes installed security cameras around her home.

“For the most part, it’s pretty quiet. I think they just saw an empty driveway and took advantage of the opportunity,” said Zornes.

The jewelry box has priceless necklaces, earrings, and rings. Zornes wants the thieves to know if they’re looking to cash in on the items, they aren’t going to get much.

“There’s just no reason for it. These things were mine, they were no one else’s, they have meaning to me. They don’t have meaning to anybody else except $50. I’m mad,” said Zornes.

Zornes is offering her own money up as a reward for the return of any of her jewelry or information to help in the case. She just wants her jewelry back where it belongs.

“They’re not getting anything out of it, so just bring it back,” said Zornes.

A theft report was filed with IMPD. If you have any information, call 262-TIPS.

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