IRVINGTON, Ind. – An Irvington woman is warning others after she was attacked by an owl.

Sunday night around 9 p.m., Wendy Sult was going for a walk by Ellenberger Park.  Sult was on her way home, near the corner 9th and Ellenberger Parkway West, when something hit her head.

“I thought someone had thrown a rock at me or something. It hit hard or a tree limb had fell or something,” said Sult.

It was actually an owl that smacked right into the back of Sult’s head.

“It bonked me really hard,” said Sult.

The owl left Sult with six or seven scratches on the top of her head and a headache.

“It just took a few minutes to get my grip on what had just happened,” said Sult.

Sult ended up posting about the owl attack on social media and reporting it to Indy Parks. 

Amy Kearns is a bird biologist with the Department of Natural Resources. Kearns says owl attacks are rare, but they do happen.

“Owls can be really good parents so they are just looking to protect their young,” said Kearns.

Kearns says most likely the owl felt threatened by someone accidentally walking too close to a nest or a baby owl.

From now on, Sult will be doing her walks a little earlier in the night and she’ll be avoiding that area. “It freaked me out but for an owl to do that he had to have been freaked out as well,” said Sult.

Sult wants to make sure others are respectful and careful when they’re at or around Ellenberger Park.

“I wanted to make people aware because, he was big. It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been much worse,” said Sult.

Indy Parks and DNR was notified about the attack.  Indy Parks staff members will be going out to the area to check for a nest and assess the situation.