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INDIANAPOLIS — Sunday will mark the five-year anniversary in the death of Abby Williams and Libby German. The case has garnered national attention ever since the two girls were murdered in Delphi in 2017. Investigators continue to seek information from the public, even as the case twists and turns.

“Somebody knows that that’s their Dad or their brother. He has said something to somebody associated with this,” pleaded Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter. “Please do the right thing. I still have great confidence in where we are, what we are doing, and why?”

Over the course of the five year span, the sketches of the suspected killer have changed, and now investigators are looking into an instagram profile account called as Anthony_Shots. The account is connected to Kegan Kline who was arrested in Miami County on child pornography possession and exploitation charges.

They have not publicly identified Kline as a target in the Delphi case. Indiana State Police (ISP) would not go into the details surrounding their investigation, but they do say there is a reason for the suspicion.

“Every time we switch gears associated with the investigation it’s important that everyone understands that is strategic. There is a reason why we do that. We are not just grasping out there,” said Superintendent Carter, “The community has the ability to talk about what they think, but they should hold us to a higher accountability to only be able to talk about what we know.”

ISP welcomes any information from the public regarding the case.

They say this has been an emotional five years for both the family, as well as the community of Delphi. Superintendent Carter hopes to have a suspect in custody before the 10-year anniversary.

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you everything that I, or we, know. One day we are going to be able to. I look forward to that opportunity,” Superintendent Carter explained. “I would never describe this as easy. I feel a tremendous responsibility personally and professionally to the family, to the community, literally to the nation.”