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By Jill Glavan

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 4, 2014) — The Indiana Department of Education has released ISTEP+ scores for the 2013-14 school year, showing small gains in the test’s final year under old standards.

Overall, 80.7% of Indiana students passed the English/Language Arts portion of the test, up from 79.5% in 2013. In Math, 83.5% passed. That’s up from 83.0% in 2013.

In total, 74.7% of Indiana students passed both parts of the test. That’s up one percent from 73.7% last year.

The ISTEP+ test is undergoing changes, after Indiana threw out national Common Core in favor of its own set of college and career ready standards.

The 2015 test will be modified to fit the newest standards and in spring of 2016, students will take an entirely new test. That test is still under development.

Looking deeper into the numbers, 3rd graders actually showed a drop in scores. Overall, 75.4% of 3rd graders passed both parts of the test, down from 76.2% last year.

Carmel-Clay Schools once again scored the highest among school corporations, with 93.0% of students passing both ELA and Math.

Indianapolis Public Schools, in its first year under Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee, showed very slight gains. 51.6% of students passed both portions of the test, up from 51.3% last year.

To see how your school or corporation fared, click on the links below to download searchable Excel files.

2014 ISTEP- overall scores

2014 ISTEP- corporation scores

2014 ISTEP- individual public schools

2014 ISTEP- individual private schools

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