ISTEP testing window opens, most school districts hold off for now

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INDIANAPOLIS March 3, 2014) — The window for the first portion of the state’s ISTEP test opened Monday, but most school districts are holding off on administering the test to students.

Last month, the State Board of Education voted to extend the testing window until March 21. The extra time is meant to help districts that are bogged down by snow days and late starts.

Most school districts have made plans to begin testing next week.

The applied skills portion of the ISTEP test is written and taken by hand.

In late April, students will begin taking the online multiple choice portion of the test. That section was marred by computer problems with administrator McGraw-Hill last year.

So far, the state has not moved to extend testing windows for the later part of the test.

“There hasn’t been a decision made on that yet. (Our) thought process was get through the winter … and decide what we need to do after that,” said Daniel Altman with the IDOE.

If you’re wondering when your child’s school will begin testing, contact your district. Each district makes their own decision on when to test within the March 3-21 window.

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