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BLOOMINGTON, Ind.- A Bloomington woman is desperate to find the owner of a gold, heart-shaped locket that she found in a parking garage in 2020. 

“When I picked up the locket and I looked at it, I could tell it was worn,” said Sarah Curtiss, who found locket.

It wasn’t the gold shine of the locket that got Sarah Curtiss’s attention.

“It was the people inside, it was the pictures,” Curtiss explained.

The outside of the locket and a look at the pictures inside.

She found the locket in the Atwater parking garage on IU’s campus.  It was hanging on a doorknob.  She assumes someone found it before her and put it there.

“I remember I went to my car and sort of stopped and thought I don’t want to just leave it there so I went back and got it because I trusted I would keep trying to find its owner. Here we are two years later,” said Curtiss.

For two years, Curtiss has kept the gold, heart-shaped locket.  Right after she found it, she called the campus parking office and since then took to social media several times.  So far, she’s had no luck finding the locket’s owner.

“So, to have this and know that someone may be missing it, I just want it to go home,” said Curtiss.

The night back in February of 2020, there was a Les Misérables show at the IU Auditorium. The parking garage on Atwater was the suggested area to park, so Curtiss thinks maybe the owner of the locket was there for the show that night.

“As we were coming into this new year, I was just like it needs to find its way home. It needs to be with those people,” said Curtiss.

There are two pictures inside the locket.  It looks like at one time; it may have been one picture and someone cut it out and put half in each side of the locket.

“I knew it was a family that clearly was loved, loved enough that someone would want to hold them close and I think that says a lot about what it meant to someone,” said Curtiss.

Curtiss knows this locket must be special to someone. Now she just wants to find that someone and return this piece of their heart.

“I’m extremely hopeful that I found it for a reason and that the reason I found it was to help it get home,” said Curtiss.

If you recognize the people in the locket, reach out to FOX59 and we will connect with you Curtiss.