‘It’s just devastating’: 44 gravestones damaged in Carroll County cemetery

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CARROLL COUNTY, Ind.-  Families are heartbroken after vandals destroyed dozens of gravestones in a Carroll County cemetery. 44 gravestones were either spray painted or knocked over.

“This is home because this is where my family is,” said widow  Arlene Gangwer.

Gangwer has four generations of her family buried at Ball Hill cemetery in Cutler. Both Gangwer’s husband and in-law’s gravestones were plastered in blue and white spray paint.

The vandals didn’t care who the grave belonged to; our country’s bravest or a baby boy.

“You come here to put flowers on your son’s grave not to see it shattered,” said Monica Kamp, a mother.

Kamp lost her son the day she delivered him. Sebastian would’ve been 8-years-old.

“It’s just devastating. I don’t know why you would do that to someone,” said Kamp.

All day long, families stopped by the cemetery to check on their loved ones’ graves. Officials believe the vandals hit sometime late Sunday night or into Monday morning. A maintenance worker discovered the damage Monday morning around 8 o’clock.

The closest major road is at least 6 miles away from Ball Hill Cemetery, which makes officials believe the vandals were familiar with the area.

“I think it was a moonlight night and they wanted something to do and that’s too bad,” said Irma Cook, a Ball Hill Cemetery board member.

Instead of a warning, a heartbroken 83-year-old widow has a reminder to whoever hurt her family.

“God’s watching you,”said Gangwer.

Cemetery board members are still working on a clean-up plan and discussing the possibility of adding security cameras.

If you know anything that can help detectives catch these vandals, call Burlington police at 765-566-3672.

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