IU Health officials discuss impact of city’s record-breaking violence on youth


INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been a record-breaking year for homicides in the Circle City.

This week, we’ve heard from Mayor Joe Hogsett, IMPD’s Police Chief and other city leaders about how they believe the violence can be stopped.

But now we’re hearing from IU Health officials about the impact this is having on our youth.

During the pandemic, officials say they have witnessed some of the highest volumes of trauma injuries ever.

That’s why IU Health officials are working with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to work directly with at risk youth during weekly “Project Life” meetings.

 The juveniles are required by probation to participate in the program. IU officials say most those children have already been through some sort of trauma.

The goal is to teach youth to solve problems the right way and show what medical and legal problems they could face if they pick up a gun.

“We work with them to raise their knowledge about the risks they are taking but also give them some skills to save lives get out of those situations and make better choices,” explained Michaela Graham, IU Health injury prevention coordinator.

Earlier, the mayor and police chief did speak out after the city passed the all-time homicide record.

Chief Randall Taylor says police can’t solve this alone.  The mayor also increased funding for grassroots organizations and violence reduction partners starting next year.

We also did reach out to find out how many youth have been killed this year out of 188 homicides. We’re still waiting to hear back.

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