IU Health preparing for possible COVID-19 surge, look inside a COVID-19 unit


INDIANAPOLIS — The number of positive COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Indiana and hospitals are gearing up for another potential surge.

For the first time ever, IU Health allowed our crew to get an exclusive look into one of their COVID-19 units to see how they’re preparing to manage the virus. 

“When we’re preparing for this we look at safety. We look at space. We look at staffing and we look at supplies,” IU Health’s Chief Nursing Officer for The Adult Academic Health Center Elizabeth Linden said.

They set up portable negative pressure tents back in March and have kept them there.

They can be used to house COVID-19 patients who aren’t critically ill to free up space inside the hospital. 

Since the end of May until now, the number of patients needing hospitalization has decreased. 

Physicians said this could be because young adults are contracting the virus more and aren’t needing to be admitted, or it could be something else.

“The virus could potentially be weakening or changing how it affects people. This is what happened with SARS-1. It eventually got burned out and wasn’t able to infect people as readily,” IU Health’s Medical Director of Infection Prevention Dr. Cole Beeler explained.

Dr. Beeler adds this is a new virus and everyday we learn something new about it.

Chief nurse Elizabeth Linden said there’s still a chance to fall extremely ill from the virus no matter your age. 

“This one is very interesting because we’ve seen patients that maybe we think up front is more at risk and walk out of the hospital. We also see patients that have none of those risk factors and then they don’t do as well,” Nurse Linden said.

She adds, no matter who walks through the doors IU Health is ready to respond.

“We as healthcare providers we got a lot credit for being on the front lines and I think it’s really important to recognize that all of us are on the front lines in some way,” Nurse Linden said.

Health officials encourage Hoosiers to follow the protocols put in place from state and city leaders.

Also, always remember to wash your hands and wear a mask.

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