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IU Health seeing spike in syndrome linked to COVID-19 that is attacking children and teens

INDIANAPOLIS — Doctors at Indiana University (IU) Health are seeing a spike in a syndrome linked to the coronavirus. This illness is targeting children and teens.

“It’s tough to know which kids are going to come down with it, and that’s one of the research questions trying to be answered,” explains Samina Bhumbra, IU Health assistant professor of clinical pediatrics, “It was just described in late April, May of 2020, so it still a fairly new syndrome.”

It’s called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C. It is similar to Kawasaki disease, and comes after a child has recovered from COVID-19. Like Kawasaki, a patient will come down with a high fever, and can show signs of a rash. They differ in that MIS-C will impact the stomach and can strike in children all the way through teens.

“There are cases of adults getting it in their 20s or 30s, but then it’s not called MIS-C, it’s called MIS-A. A being for adults,” details Bhumbra.

IU health says overall the syndrome is rare compared to the total number of children contracting COVID, however they have seen 30 cases since late December.

“Fevers are the big thing, certainly fevers that last three days in a row, and aren’t responding well to Tylenol or ibuprofen,” says Bhumbra.

If your child recently got over the coronavirus and is showing signs of fever with stomach pains, you are urged to contact a hospital emergency room or your primary care physician. MIS-C can be treated with medications.