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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (Sept. 10th 2015) – IU police in Bloomington are investigating two alleged rapes of underage girls.

The pair of alleged sex assaults took place over the weekend inside McNutt Quad.

“That is really upsetting,” said student Liam O’Sullivan.

“I think that’s very alarming,” said student Whitney Whitfield.

IU police say the pair of alleged victims knew each other and were visiting two IU students when the underage girls claim they were assaulted in two different dorm rooms.

IU police quickly identified both 18-year-old suspects.

“We have interviewed the two suspects. They’ve been identified and interviewed and there are no arrests at this time,” said IUPD Lt. Craig Munroe.

Police did not issue a campus alert because they say there’s not a threat to the community at large.

They ask for patience while the case is fully investigated.

“These investigations have a lot parts to put together to figure out what occurred, so it does take little time,” said Munroe.

With fall classes having just resumed, many students hope the alleged rapes serve as a reminder about the need for more sexual assault awareness on campus.

“This is probably indicative of a larger problem and something really needs to be done about it,” said O’Sullivan.

“I think people need to be more considerate of others and think about how they’d feel if that was their sister or their brother,” said Whitefield.

“We encourage students to go out together and stay in groups and don’t binge drink,” said Munroe. “This is a very safe campus if you’re doing those things.”

So far neither suspect has been arrested but because the two alleged victims are underage, Child Protective Services is assisting with the investigation.