Two of Indiana’s biggest universities are joining forces to keep more graduates in the state and fill job vacancies in the Hoosier State. 

IU and Purdue University have partnered with Ascend Indiana to utilize their online job matching platform that helps pair college students with jobs that match their skills and interests. 

The universities say this will allow them to more effectively connect students with career opportunities and network. They hope this will help solve the challenges facing the Indiana workforce.  

“We’re dealing with a pandemic, and all the issues associated with that, plus even more stress on employers to really find and to keep their workforce at a time when we’re also experiencing, you know, economic expansion,” said Bill Stephan, vice president of government relations and economic engagement at Indiana University.  

The partnership will provide Hoosier employers with a unique platform to hire the state’s college students for internships and jobs. 

The universities share data about the students with Ascend Indiana. That information is confidential and protected.  

“The workforce shortage in Indiana is incredibly frustrating,” said Steve Able, associate provost for engagement at Purdue University. “Especially because many universities including ours have the talent to fulfill the needs, but the talent either doesn’t know about the opportunity or the opportunity doesn’t know about the talent. That’s where the Ascend partnership can connect the pieces together and help us move positively forward.” 

The Ascend Network will be offered on campus at both universities in their career services offices at no cost to students.