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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — An Indiana University freshman is doing remarkably well after he was trapped in a cave in southern Indiana for nearly three days.

Bloomington-native Lukas Cavar, 19, joined the Caving Club at IU on a “beginner’s trip”last Sunday to Sullivan Cave, which is about 20 miles south of Bloomington. Somehow, he managed to get separated from the group, and when he reached the entrance to exit the cave, he realized the gate was padlocked.

Lukas Cavar sent FOX59 this picture of himself after he was rescued from the cave.

Cavar said he couldn’t get a cell phone signal, so he screamed for hours. He didn’t have much food or any water, so he licked moisture from the cave walls to stay hydrated. “As soon as I noticed the droplets of water on the cave wall, it seemed pretty obvious what I had to do,” Cavar told FOX59.

Cavar said he spent most of his time in the cave talking to himself, napping, and foraging for water.

Cavar told FOX59 that his parents texted him on Monday. When he never responded, they knew something was wrong, and they filed a missing persons report. When members of the caving club found out he was missing, they went back to the cave and rescued him late Tuesday.

Cavar says he was relieved, and he felt lucky to be alive. He doesn’t plan to go spelunking again any time soon.