IUPUI student complains of bed bugs in off-campus housing

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 27, 2015)-- College roommates can sometimes be a nightmare, but one IUPUI student never thought she'd have to share her room with bed bugs. Freshman Mallory Wilck said she's been bit three different times inside her Park Place apartment during this school year. Housing management has been treating the unit, but the bugs keep coming back.

She said it's driving her crazy.

"Something’s crawling all over you at night and biting you and feeding off of your blood. You know that’s just, it’s disgusting,” said Wilck. "I wake up and I immediately want to shower."

All the while, she has continued to pay more than $700 a month in rent. Now, with just a few weeks left in the school year, she wants some of her money back.

"It’s hard to sleep in a place where you don’t feel comfortable.”

FOX59 reached out to IUPUI and a spokesman acknowledged there was a problem. However, he said the chemical and heat treatments were working. What housing officials can't figure out is how the bugs keep getting back into Wilck's apartment?

A statement to FOX59 reads:

Bed bugs were found once in the room at Park Place. There were two subsequent complaints of bed bugs in that room, but they were not found by expert exterminators who inspected the room following the second and third complaint. Nonetheless, the room was treated two more times. There are two students living in the room. After the first complaint, only one of the two students living in that room has complained about bed bugs.

It is uncertain how the bed bugs entered the room the first time. Commonly, bed bugs are unknowingly carried into a building on clothing, furnishings or other belongings.

Students living in student housing are advised at the beginning of the school year that they always have the alternative to move at any time to another room.

FOX59 was able to connect Wilck with IUPUI's Director of Housing. The two are making plans to meet and review her complaints.

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