IUPUI unveils plans for ‘all gender’ restrooms


Photo of all gender sign provided by IUPUI

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 19, 2015) – IUPUI will change 14 bathrooms across campus to denote “all gender.”

Installation of the signs will begin Friday, with the rest being put up during the following week. According to our media partners at the Indy Star, the university announced the change in a faculty newsletter.

The single-occupant bathrooms are similar to the “family” restrooms found in public. The “all gender” signs are meant to be welcoming to anyone. The change came in response to feedback from students and staff wondering about a better way to label the restrooms.

According to IUPUI spokeswoman Margie Smith-Simmons, the university will assess whether 14 is enough and if more are needed. She said the move will not include all restrooms on campus. The restrooms are available for anyone to use.

Karen Dace, vice chancellor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, said the bathrooms are located across campus in areas with public access, including the campus center, dental school, law school and some campus housing.

The university also plans a new center Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Center in the Multicultural Center at Taylor Hall.

The university’s announcement comes as Indiana lawmakers debate stronger LGBT protections in the state. Republican leaders unveiled their plan Tuesday.

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