INDIANAPOLIS — Ivy Tech Community College has its first all female senior leadership team ever in the schools history, according to a spokesperson for Ivy Tech, Jennifer H. Hashem.

“The women of our communities, our state, and our nation demonstrate their leadership more than ever before, and I am so proud to say that Ivy Tech has both acknowledged and embraced female leadership as Indiana’s community college,” said Ivy Tech Community College President, Dr. Sue Ellspermann.

The all-female senior leadership team consist of the President of Ivy Tech, Chair of the State Board, President of the Foundation, and the Chair of the Foundation.

Ivy Tech Community College President, Dr. Sue Ellspermann

“At it’s most basic level, what we can do as women for other women is link arms and stand together. There is room for all of us. The more that we can hold each other, and support each other, and lift each other up in every regard, the more unstoppable we become,” said Ivy Tech Community College Foundation President, Courtney Roberts.

Founded in 1963, Ivy Tech Community College, serves over 175,000 students in 43 different locations throughout Indiana and has 25% of the students being students of color, according to the Ivy Tech website.

“Representation matters. If we see it, we can believe it. All women, every age of women, need to see themselves represented in every area of life, whether that is on TV, at work, in school, and in all types of places and positions within an organization. We can diversify our world and positions nontraditionally held by a women – whether that is in construction, in Hollywood, or at the White House – but we have a long way to go,” said Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging for Ivy Tech Community College, Amber Williams.

Ivy Tech Community College

The Indiana college also boast that 60% of full-time faculty are female and 54% percent of part time employees are women.

“Women who dare to be heard and dare to pursue accomplishment is not just a part of history, it is a part of my lifetime. The trail that was blazed by disobedient women is still being cleared today,” said Senior Vice President of Workforce and Careers at Ivy Tech, Molly Dodge.

The history making moment for Ivy Tech has been accomplished while also being the number one largest, singly-accredited, community college in the country.

Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs for Ivy Tech, Mary Jane Michalak, said that we can continue to empower women in our world through teachable moments. “Just as I have had many mentors, I think it’s important for women in leadership roles to mentor other individuals, especially women, and help them build the skills they need to become future leaders – whether in higher education or other industries,” states Michalak.