Woman recovering after being hit by a car while running on the Monon Trail

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WESTFIELD, Ind. – Stephanie Woods, an avid runner, is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a vehicle Thursday morning on the Monon Trail.

Timothy Howard, Woods’ boyfriend, took a brief moment from staying by her side to talk with FOX59 and share a message with the community.

“If you see flashing lights, just slow down,” Howard said. “It goes on runners’ safety too. I mean, we have to be vigilant of what’s going on around cyclists. Everybody just has to be aware that there are cars. They’re protected, we’re unprotected.”

Woods was crossing 161st Street when police said a vehicle traveling eastbound hit her.

“Luckily she’s okay,” Howard said. “But, this could have been much worse.”

On that portion of the road, Indiana law states drivers have the right of way. The only time pedestrians have the right of way in that area is when they are already in the road and a vehicle approaches them. Still, Howard said people need to stay vigilant around an area with so much foot traffic.

“Just be safe, slow down, you never know who’s coming through, it could be women, kids, families,” Howard said. “It doesn’t matter, just slow down. It’ll take you two more seconds to get to where you’re going.”

Westfield police said Woods was alert and conscious when she was taken to the hospital. They said the crash is still under investigation and the driver of the vehicle involved did stay on the scene.

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