JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in finding a gray truck seen speeding away from a shooting Wednesday morning.

Security camera video captured the sound of several shots being fired and then a gray pickup truck with a paper license plate was seen driving away.

It all happened in the Winterbrook community just outside Greenwood off County Line Rd. The sheriff’s office says deputies responded to a shots fired call just after 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Maj. Damian Katt said they’re lucky no one was hurt.

”This time of year we’ve got people on fall break, there’s kids around and in the middle of the morning,” said Katt.

Leslie Mulkey lives in Winterbrook and works from home, so she heard the shots Wednesday morning.

”It just sounded like an explosion, really,” Mulkey said. “Maybe three shots, four.”

Mulkey said the car drove off so quickly that she didn’t see anything. It wasn’t until later that day she found out what happened.

”Like, oh my gosh,” she said. “We have a lot of kids in this neighborhood.”

When we talked to her, her child and two of her grandchildren were outside playing. She said she still feels safe in the neighborhood.

”Never had an incident like this,” she said. “It can happen anywhere, really.”

The car hit by the bullets was still in the neighborhood Thursday morning, just more than 24 hours after the bullets were fired. 

Investigators said the paper license plate seen here on the truck is stolen, but Katt said the truck does have some distinctive features.

”The descriptors that really stand out are the bumpers turned down, there’s a rust spot in front of that bumper,” he said.

Katt said this was a targeted incident. Investigators have talked to the registered owner of the car that was shot up. Katt said there may have been an issue between the victim and the suspect, but they’re not getting much from the victim because they are worried about retaliation.

However, Katt said the owner of the car doesn’t actually live in the community and was just visiting from Marion County where they believe the incident originated.

Katt said investigators are pursuing this aggressively.

”We’re not used to this in Johnson County because we don’t have to deal with it quite as often as other areas,” he said. “So we work hard to hold those folks accountable so that we don’t have to deal with it down here.”

If you recognize the charcoal gray Ford F-150 truck law enforcement is looking for, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office would like you to call the tip line at 317-346-4654.