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GREENWOOD, Ind. – A day care in Johnson County is under probation by the state for using “inappropriate discipline” on a child.

Seven day cares have been placed on probation this year in Johnson County.

The latest is the KinderCare at 980 South State Road 135 in Greenwood. State inspection records show, in August, an employee used “inappropriate discipline” on a child.

The state wouldn’t specify what was done but notes in the report explain:

“Any person, while on child care center premises, shall not engage in or direct any of the following actions toward children: Cruel, harsh, unusual, humiliating, or frightening methods of discipline, including threatening the use of physical punishment”

But this isn’t the only KinderCare with issues. One on Indy’s south side at 25 Country Woods Drive, according to state records, had a caregiver terminated in August for “not using positive discipline.”

The company issued this statement in response:

In August a teacher was observed using improper child guidance at our Greenwood center. In September a child at our East 62nd Street center in Indianapolis was injured during an accident in the building.

Offering a safe and nurturing learning environment to all of our children is the most important part of what we do at KinderCare. We train our teachers extensively to ensure every child feels safe and welcome. Neither incident reflects that commitment.

In both situations, as soon our management team was aware of these incidents they self-reported to the appropriate state agencies and informed the children’s parents. Both centers also retrained all teachers and staff on proper child guidance and supervision.

We recently learned that licensing will place each center on a temporary, probationary license. This is their standard practice for these kinds of incidents. It means state inspectors will conduct monthly inspections for the next few months to ensure that proper child supervision procedures are followed. It won’t affect the day-to-day operations of our center. We’ll follow any recommendations licensing provides, as it’s our goal to give every child in our centers the safest, most nurturing learning environment possible.

Colleen Moran

Communications Supervisor

KinderCare Education LLC

The company shared in their statement that a student was injured during an accident at a third location on 62nd Street in Indianapolis. Two KinderCare locations are now on probation for the rest of the year.

Day cares under probation may receive further visits from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration. If any additional violations are found, that day care could face closure.