Johnson County deputies investigate multiple reports of graffiti on homes and nearby park

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – Authorities in Johnson County are investigating after receiving multiple reports of criminal mischief involving spray-painted graffiti.

According to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to a report of criminal mischief at a home on Innisbrooke Trail Tuesday morning.

The homeowner said someone painted his house, windows and a BMW. The west side of the home had “RICH KID” and “B**** KID” written on it while the east side had the words “STEAL DON’T CREDIT” painted on it. Four windows also had an “X” painted on them.

The BMW had a line of blue paint along the body and all four rims were painted orange. Headlights were painted blue, as were the hood and windshield. The hood also had an orange-colored design resembling the skull logo from the “Punisher” comic book, according to the incident report.

Deputies said the residents couldn’t think of anyone who would be upset with them. The homeowner said his neighbor has video cameras but didn’t know if they would have caught the vandal or vandals in the act.

His son told deputies that he played basketball until around 9:45 p.m. Monday and woke up around 3 a.m. Tuesday because the family dog “was barking like crazy.” He let the dog out but didn’t go outside, the report said.

Later in the morning, another deputy investigated criminal mischief at a home on Pennswood Road. The woman who lives there said someone had spray-painted profanities on the home, including “b****” and “c***.” The home is just a few streets from the residence on Innisbrooke Trail.

Investigators said the homeowners in both cases don’t know one another.

The case remains under investigation, and investigators were looking into two additional reports of criminal mischief in the area. A home on Columbia Circle was defaced with pictures of a penis and the word “thief.”

Someone also left graffiti at Yorktown Park off Pennswood Road, leaving behind the message, “Those lights were no help” in reference to recently installed security lights.

Investigators believe the cases are connected because whoever did it used the same colors of paint.

Anyone with information should call the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office tip line at (317) 346-4654.

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