Josh Speidel graduates four months after car crash nearly takes his life

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It was an exciting day following a rough journey for Columbus North basketball star Josh Speidel. He walked across the stage with the class of 2015. It was a moment his family had faith he would make it to following a vicious February 1 crash in Bartholomew County.

“For him to actually be here and be apart of the ceremony with 500 other students it’s a special day for them to and i’m just glad we get to celebrate it with them,” said mom, Lisa Speidel.

This day was special for all of the Columbus North graduates and it was one of their own that inspired them to go after a promising future.

“Kind of just a good thing for all of us to keep on pushing because he went through so much from the point of being in a coma and barely functioning to being able to stand up and walk across the stage,” said classmate Sam Richardson.

The way this student body rallied around Josh showed what it really means to have someone’s back in tough times even showing their school leaders the true definition of support.

“Students have taught me about compassion about love about caring and about friendship. It’s just been overwhelming at times as a school community,” said Principal, David Clark.

And for this community and beyond the Speidel family is simply grateful.

“Like I said a lot of people don’t get to see angels everyday but we got to see a lot of them through this 16 weeks,” said dad, David Speidel.

Josh made the 2015 Indiana All Star basketball team, he will serve as assistant coach during the game next week. Josh says he is still working everyday to get stronger to he can attend Vermont University.

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