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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – A judge in Terre Haute took justice into his own hands and chased after a man trying to escape the courtroom, WTHI reports.

Anthony Williams failed to appear at this court date which was originally scheduled for Friday, June 15, so Judge Chris Wrede issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Williams showed up to court on Monday, and Wrede told a security officer to take him into custody on the warrant.

Anthony Williams

Williams bolted toward the door, and Wrede chased after him. Witnesses say it looked like a scene from a Batman movie because Wrede was still wearing his black robe, and it billowed out behind him like a cape.

Williams crashed into a locked door, breaking the glass, before going out the other door.

An officer caught up with Williams and used the taser on him. He was taken into custody, and he is due back in court on Thursday.