Judge deals setback to Spierer family lawsuit

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 2, 2013) – A judge Monday dismissed the case against one of the defendants named in a lawsuit filed by the parents of Lauren Spierer while the cases against two other defendants will remain under advisement.

Spierer’s parents filed the suit against Michael Beth, Jason “Jay” Rosenbaum and Corey Rossman. The case against Beth has been dismissed, while the judge will consider the dismissal motions for Rosenbaum and Rossman by the end of the year.

Charlene and Rob Spierer did attend the hearing in an Indianapolis courtroom Monday, but did not speak to media following the decision.

In a tweet prior to the hearing, Charlene said “One hour today could be the most important hour in our lives. … Hoping to move one step closer to getting answers.”

Indiana University student Lauren Spierer disappeared after a night of drinking and partying in Bloomington in June 2011. Her parents claim the men didn’t do enough to make sure their daughter got home safely.

“I thought the judge’s ruling was not just accurate but very concise and very exhaustive. She’s obviously taken this very seriously,” Beth’s attorney Greg Garrison said.

The Spierers have contended their lawsuit is not about money, but about getting the people who were with Lauren to talk under oath.

They are answers students at IU say they still think about, though it has become far less of a topic on campus.

“I’m hoping that we find something out about what happened to her,” student Nadia Naoumoff said.

“(It) just opens your eyes to anything could happen. You have to be more responsible for your actions and always just things around you,” student Lin Zhang said.

The judge told lawyers she would decide on the motions to dismiss for Rosenbaum and Rossman by the end of the year.

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