INDIANAPOLIS — A jury trial scheduled to begin Monday for two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers accused of excessive force has been continued.

Officers Johnathan Horlock and Nathaniel Schauwecker are accused of using excessive force during the arrests of Ivore Westfield and Rachael Harding on May 31, 2020.

Johnathan Horlock (left) and Nathanial Schauwecker (right)

The women said they were trying to leave the downtown area when they were approached by IMPD officers. Video captured during the arrests showed Westfield being hit with a baton and pepper balls. Harding was seen being shoved to the ground.

The arrests were made during the height of several days of protest in downtown Indy following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Westfield and Harding filed a lawsuit in June of 2020.

A few months later in August, a grand jury indicted Horlock on counts of battery, perjury, obstruction of justice, and official misconduct. Schauwecker was indicted for battery and official misconduct.

Two other officers who were involved in the incident were not indicted.

Horlock and Schauwecker have been on administrative leave since the incident. An attorney for the officers said in 2020 the indictments were driven by “a misguided motive to criminalize legitimate police action.”

While the trial was scheduled to start Monday, a judge granted a motion for continuance, pushing the proceedings back to June. The trial has already been delayed multiple times.