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PLAINFIELD, Ind—It’s a simple message that started in Central Indiana and is now spreading all over the world.

Just be kind. It’s easy.

“Everyone should just learn to be a little more kind,” said 13-year-old Kendall Messer.

The “just be kind” group started back in 2015 as an after-school club.

But when summertime rolled around, the students wanted to continue giving back.

That’s when Andrea Hilton stepped in, to offer her garage, as a place for the kids to make signs, t-shirts, and keychains.

The students began making the items there, and then selling them for a profit, to give back to different area organizations.

Since then, the JBK signs and apparel have started appearing all over the county, and even in different parts of the world.,

“We posted one the other day from the Middle East. The woman who sent us the picture, said, ‘I apologize, I can’t give you my exact location, I’m in the Middle East,’ and she’s got her shirt on and her keychain,” explained Hilton.

It’s a message that many agree, we need more than ever these days.

If you are interested in buying any of the JBK items, click here.