‘Just doing my job’: Veteran, ER nurse credited with saving life of man who collapsed


BROWNSBURG, Ind. – An emergency room nurse at Community East Hospital is credited with saving a man’s life.

During a recent night out in Brownsburg, Koree Pereira was walking when he saw a man collapse.

“He wasn’t moving. He wasn’t blinking,” Pereira said. “He wasn’t breathing. He had no pulse. I immediately just initiated CPR, hands only.”

After about two rounds of compressions, Pereira said the man started responding. He quickly became alert and knew his name and surroundings, Pereira said.

“Just keep the heart going. Keep the heart going, hope that they respond. Fortunately, he responded.”

Pereira said he was “just doing my job.” In fact, he didn’t tell anyone what happened. Community Health didn’t learn about his heroism until a police chief who witnessed the incident reached out to tell them.

Pereira is a veteran who served in Afghanistan. He said his military experience led him to a career in the medical field.

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