Kentucky's medical marijuana bill gaining momentum

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FRANKFORT, Ky. — Medical marijuana has momentum in Kentucky.

A House committee voted to send a medical marijuana bill to the full House, where a favorable vote is anticipated next week, according to WAVE.

If the House ends up approving the measure, it will be the farthest medical marijuana has ever advanced in the state’s legislature.

Rep. Jason Nemes told lawmakers to vote as if someone in their family needed cannabis for pain management or another ailment. He told the committee he would “break the law in a second” if a loved one could find relief.

“And I would submit that every single person up there would do the same,” he told committee members.

Nemes reminded the committee that medical marijuana is widely embraced by the public, including veterans.

“They went and fought for us. They’ve died for us. They bled and hurt for us. And it’s time for us to stand up for them,” Nemes said.

Critics of the measure raised concerns about enforcement and questioned whether there's enough scientific evidence supporting the medical benefits of medical marijuana.

“Medical professionals must rely on medical-based research in order to properly prescribe any medication,” said Kent Ostrander, executive director of the Family Foundation of Kentucky. “We cannot use anecdotal-based assumptions.”

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