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By Jill Glavan

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 31, 2014) — While families braved the bad weather to trick-or-treat on Friday, hundreds of sex offenders spent the holiday under a microscope.

FOX59 went along with Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Joe Poskey as he and other officers did spot checks.

“You got anything on there that shouldn’t be? No girly pictures, no porno, no nothing?” Poskey asked one offender.

The night began with more than 300 Marion County sex offenders showing up at a designated location, where they were checked in and held for a few hours.

“We like to schedule check-in before the trick-or-treat hours start and we hold them here until after the trick-or-treat hours are over,” Deputy Chief of Probation Sandy Bryan said.

Bryan and Joe Turkupolis with probation and parole brought their people to check on the offenders and give them up-to-date information.

“They actually learn a lot of information. There are access to services that are provided during some of the guest speakers,” Turkupolis said.

It’s at that check-in that an offender failed a drug test, leading Poskey and others to check his home. They found a needle and kid-related paraphernalia inside a suitcase that he claimed was dropped off for safe-keeping.

“He couldn’t give us any information on who the girl was (or) where she lived. He advised he didn’t hardly know her,” Poskey said.

The parole board would ultimately decide what to do with him.

After that check, Poskey headed out to check in on the offenders who were not required to check in.

“You’re not passing out any candy, are you?” Poskey asked of one offender.

Technically, sex offenders can legally hand out candy, but they’re discouraged from doing so and Poskey and other deputies do extra checks on Halloween.

“We want them to stay compliant. We want to know where they’re at, so we can keep tabs on them,” Poskey said.

Tabs that, on the holiday, are more important that ever. Poskey knowing that on a night where kids are out, it’s a night he and his team need to be out, too.

“Really there’s no excuse, because they all know what they’re supposed to do,” Poskey said.

To check the sex offender registry yourself, go to the link here.