Kids could get more time for next round of ISTEP in May

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INDIANAPOLIS — On Wednesday, the State Board of Education will decide whether or not to extend a second round of ISTEP testing for Indiana schools.

Most districts are administering the first written portion of ISTEP this week. State officials extended the window for this part of the test an extra nine days, after schools faced an unprecedented number of days off due to bad weather.

The option laid out for the Board would extend the end of the window for online multiple-choice testing, the second portion of the test, from May 9 to May 13. The window starts on April 28.

Last year, the multiple choice testing was marred by issues with the system administered by McGraw-Hill. The company has assured state leaders that it has fixed load issues on its platform and will be able to give kids the test as normal this time around.

A memo sent to Board members does point out that extending the window would push back results of testing by five days as well.

That vote will come at the scheduled Board meeting this Wednesday, March 12.

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