Kokomo neighbors upset after multiple reports of stolen ‘Thin Blue Line’ flags


KOKOMO, Ind. – Caught on camera, thieves stealing Thin Blue Line flags from people’s property in Kokomo. One neighbor we spoke with posted about their incident and are hoping police can find out who is responsible.

There are still footprints in the snow from where the thieves took off with the flag.

“Used to, in the 50’s and 60’s you leave your house unlocked you don’t do that anymore, unfortunately,” said Gary Shrock, a neighbor in the Kokomo community.

Now, Shrock relies on cameras to keep watch at his Kokomo home near Armstrong and Boulevard Streets. He’s actually getting his system upgraded.

“I have one pointed at the driveway, one pointed out the back bedroom, one in the front garage,” Shrock explained.

He was surprised when he received the surveillance video of thieves ripping off and running away with his neighbor’s Thin Blue Line flag in the middle of the night.

“They couldn’t catch them; they ran up Boulevard and they were gone,” he added.

The video was posted on a neighborhood app. The homeowners told us over the phone this isn’t the first time someone stole their sign of support for police. They’ve had to buy multiple Thin Blue Line flags to replace the ones people continue to take.

“I’m glad they have it on film!” said Linda Alexander, who is also a neighbor, “You don’t take other people’s property. It’s just disrespectful.”

Kokomo police tell us three Thin Blue Line flags were stolen and they are investigating the thefts.  As for neighbors they want police to know, although the flag may be gone, they’re supported.

“We help all of our neighbors,” said Alexander, “It’s just distressing to hear that because our safety is an issue here.”

Kokomo police tell us that they’ve now identified two juveniles. However, the case remains under investigation.

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