KOMOMO, Ind. — An Illinois accused of carrying out multiple burglaries at various apartment complexes last month in Kokomo has been arrested.

The Kokomo Police Department said officers were called on Sept. 20 to several different apartment complexes in the city in response to seven total residential burglaries. These included Westbrook Apartments, Legends of Wildcast, Autumn Trace and First Flats Apartments.

Kokomo police identified early on in the investigation that it appeared the burglaries were all committed by the same person or the same group of individuals.

Investigators eventually identified John W. Gilliam of Villa Park, Illinois as a suspect in the case. Over the course of the investigation, KPD said firearms, jewelry and other stolen items were recovered. Additional items that were reported as stolen were also allegedly found in other jurisdictions.

KPD said an arrest warrant was approved for Gilliam for seven counts of burglary. A warrant was also issued for the arrest of Kelly Norman, who KPD said acted as Gilliam’s associate and helped him perform the burglaries. The warrant sees Norman wanted for seven counts of aiding, inducing or causing a burglary.

Gilliam was taken into custody in Cook County, Illinois before later being transported to the Howard County Criminal Justice Center where he is currently being held.

KPD confirmed that Norman has not yet been brought into custody for these charges and encouraged anyone with information related to her location to contact Detective Brent Wines at 765-456-7342 or kwines@cityofkokomo.org.