Man found bound in bathtub after police respond to woman's deadly shooting in Kokomo

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KOKOMO, Ind. – We’re learning new details about the woman found dead in the backyard of a Kokomo home and the man who was tied up inside the house.

Police explain it happened in on Courtland avenue near King street. The shooting victim has been identified as 25-year-old Lashay Young-Beard.

“Part of what’s worst for me is thinking she laid out there in that yard. That’s the hardest part. She laid out there in that yard,” Lashay’s mom Christine Young said.

Christine says Lashay had a good heart, she was a sweet girl, and hard worker.  She says Lashay had her struggles but her parents always loved her.

“I would ask her do you want to come home baby? She would say not right now, but I always left her a place,” Lashay’s dad Freddie Young Sr. said.

The Kokomo Police Department found Lashay’s body behind a home on the 700 block of South Courtland avenue. 

The initial 911 call was for shots fired.

While investigating, police went inside the home and found a man tied up and duct taped in the bathtub.

“Apparently from what we gathered; he’d been bound there and tortured for somewhat several days,” Kokomo Police Major Brian Seldon said.

 Police believe this was a targeted act and the man who was tortured knew Lashay.

“He did not know that anything had happened to her,” Major Seldon said.

 While he’s being treated at the hospital, Lashay’s family is planning her funeral.

 Out of 9 children; this is the second one Christine and Freddie Sr have had to bury.

“When your kids are raised very sheltered and they go out there; they don’t know what that world has for them. She got caught up on the wrong side of it,” Christine said.

 While Lashay never made it back to to her parent’s house; The Young’s feel as though she is resting peacefully at a different home.

“This is hard. We do have faith in God. Whoever did it, I said last night I forgive them because they really don’t have the power of life and death,” Christine said.

Police haven’t released a motive in the kidnapping or homicide.

They haven’t shared any suspects or persons of interest at this time.

Anyone with additional information or video surveillance in the general area of the crime scene is asked to contact Captain Michael Banush (765) 456-7278 or the Kokomo Police Department Hotline at (765) 456-7017.

Police said, you may qualify for a cash reward by calling Central Indiana Crime Stoppers at 1-800-262-TIPS with your anonymous tip.

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