Kokomo police identify 19-year-old shot and killed, community members want the violence to end

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KOKOMO, Ind. – We now know the name of the man who was killed in Kokomo last night. He was 19-year-old Dayshon Sanders.

Police believe he was involved in a shooting two weeks ago but they never made an arrest on that case.

Detectives are looking to see if the two cases are connected.

Community members in Kokomo say seeing police lights have become common recently.

They say they’ve seen a lot more shootings.

“Last year or year before last my house was shot up. Someone drove up, drove by here and shot it up,” Fountain of Life Word and Worship Center’s Bishop Charles Glenn said.

One of those shootings is now a homicide investigation.

Kokomo police say when they arrived Monday night they found shell casings and two bicycles in the middle of Taylor street.

Sanders’s body was around the corner on North Bell street.

“They cleared the scene here and more shots were fired in within minutes,” Community member said.

No one has been arrested, but police are still talking to witnesses and checking local surveillance video.

Police say any shooting is tragic and Sanders was being investigated before his death.

“Mr. Sanders was a suspect in a shooting a few weeks ago that had occurred when we were investigating. That case didn’t have an arrest yet, but he was identified as a suspect,” Kokomo police Captain Tonda Cockrell said.

Captain Tonda Cockrell says the department is taking these crimes seriously and won’t tolerate this behavior.

“I can tell you that all of our officers are aware of these types of crimes. They give the attention to the areas they feel are needing that kind of attention and we are being very active and trying to investigate the cases as best as we can,” Captain Cockrell said.

Community members just want the violence to end.

“Somewhere down the line somebody has to do something about it. If not me than someone else but somebody has to do something because this violence it totally outrageous,” Bishop Glenn said.

Anyone with information should call (765) 456-7326 or the Kokomo Police Department Hotline at (765) 456-7017. You may qualify for a cash reward by calling Central Indiana Crime Stoppers at 1-800-262-TIPS with your anonymous tip.

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