Lack of witness cooperation allows murder of teen in Lawrence to remain unsolved


LAWRENCE, Ind. — Lawrence police continue to search for a killer following a deadly shooting at an apartment complex this week along Franklin Road.

The victim in that case was only 17-years-old.

The violence started as a confrontation outside just after midnight Wednesday morning. 17-year-old Keshawn Neely was hit and rushed to the hospital, but later died.

So far, police don’t have a motive for the shooting and don’t have any suspect information to release.

The deadly shooting marked the fourth homicide of the year in Lawrence, but the first that involved a juvenile victim.

Investigators admit they need the public’s help to solve the case, which right now has not been forthcoming.

“There was plenty of witnesses, unfortunately we don’t have anyone who has come forward to say they know what happened,” said Lawrence police Captain Tracey Cantrell.

Captain Cantrell says the lack of cooperation by those witnesses is making it hard for police to hold the killer accountable.

“This child is someone son, brother or cousin and we need to the public to look within and help us solve this crime,” said Cantrell.

Sadly of course, youth violence isn’t unique to Lawrence.

Just two weeks ago a 17-year-old named Donald Thomas was shot to death in an east side alley becoming the most recent of 12 homicides this year in Indianapolis with victims under the age of 18.

Eight of those cases remain unsolved, including the deaths of Damario McCullough, Rodgerick Payne Jr., Nya Cope, David Lowery, Brayden Shiflet, Jaron Bonds and Ameir Ford.

“Black kids are being killed every week, toddlers and teens, and there’s no outrage. So what that says to some of us is their lives don’t seem to matter,” said reverend Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition.

Reverend Harrison wishes all those deaths would spark more anger and calls to police.

“If those children teens were shot by law enforcement then people would come forward to give information, yet all these cases go unsolved,” said Harrison.  “Every life has value and every life should matter and we ought to be outraged when anyone is killed in this city and we ought to show it.”

No arrests have been made in the shooting this week.  Anyone with information can still contact Lawrence police or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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