Ladies only gun safety class brings understanding, empowerment

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Gun advocates say more and more women are learning how to shoot, hoping to better protect themselves and their families.

A group called Tactical Firearms Training held its “ladies-only” gun safety class over the weekend, taught by firearms instructor Guy Relford, who is also a local attorney.

“There a lot more women owning guns today than ever before,” said Relford. “Women are feeling a lot more empowered in terms of their willingness to own a gun.. women I think are more likely to seek out training.”

The session began with a safety class, before students hit the range.

“I was really, really scared before I got here,” said student Krista Tschaenn. “But now, I’m just kind of anxious and excited to do it.”

Tschaenn hit a few shots in the bullseye, on her first attempt.

“Considering it was my first time ever holding a gun ever, I think that it was alright,” she said.

But Relford said it comes as no surprise.

“I have to tell you, women are naturally better shots than men,” said Relford. “I don’t know whether it’s focus, or hand-eye coordination, or trigger control (but) the ladies outshoot the men about 80 percent of the time.”

“I didn’t know how it was going to feel,” said student Susie Aldendorf. “The recoil, just how it feels in your hands is kind of unnatural, but it’s something you just have to practice and keep doing.”

“What’s fun about the ladies only class is sometimes it surprises them a little bit how well they shoot,” said Relford. “Unfortunately, we as men think that if we’ve ever seen a Clint Eastwood movie that we know how to shoot, and that’s not necessarily the case.”

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