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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – How cold was it across Indiana last week?

Cold enough for customers in Indiana to set an all-time record for peak winter energy usage, according to Duke Energy.

The utility said the record was set on Tuesday, Jan. 2, when customers used 7,281 megawatt-hours. The previous record was 7,214 megawatt-hours, which was set on Jan. 6, 2014.

Nelson Peeler, senior vice president and chief transmission officer for Duke Energy, said last week’s bitterly cold temperatures strained the system.

“Extreme temperatures drive record usage since the majority of the energy we use as consumers is for heating or cooling our homes and businesses,” Peeler said. “Our system performed well during this time frame when we know our customers count on us most.”

The utility closely monitored the electric system as temperatures dipped well below zero with dangerous wind chills. Duke Energy Indiana provides electricity to about 820,000 customers across the state and is Indiana’s largest electric supplier.

With another cold blast on the way, Duke said it’s the perfect time for customers to check out some money-saving tips for the winter.