GREENWOOD, Ind. — Greenwood Police joined members of several other law enforcement groups Thursday as they sought to make sure they are ready for the next time an active shooter event happens.

The training comes as police look at the response to the Greenwood Park Mall shooting in July. More than 15 law enforcement agencies responded to that scene.

“They just responded, and when you bring people together like that, the inter-operability, sometimes that can be a recipe for disaster because we don’t train together on a regular basis,” said Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison.

After the shooting, Chief Ison said they compiled an after-action report showing their strengths and vulnerabilities.

“Many of the vulnerabilities that we found were vulnerabilities that almost every law enforcement response fire response has found with public or active shooter incidents in the past,” said Chief Ison.

The report offered recommendations ranging from training officers to wear ballistic vests when responding to active shooter situations to keeping witnesses or bystanders out of view of disturbing images.

On Thursday, members of several police and fire departments joined together at Greenwood High School to put some of the recommendations to the test.

With the help of some volunteers, police were able to train on getting students to safety, alerting parents about how to get in touch with their children, and dealing with media attention—all while dealing with the threat at hand.

“We’re trying to do everything just as we would in a real situation to better prepare ourselves should, and hopefully it never does,” said Chief Ison.

During the exercise, responding agencies were also trained on how to work together and keep the communication going. This helped address one of the vulnerabilities brought up during the Greenwood Park Mall shooting.

Thursday’s training is not the end for the agencies that trained together. Chief Ison said they will repeat the training every year at different high-profile locations to make sure those who would respond to an active shooter situation know what they are getting into, no matter where it happens.