Lawrence neighborhood on edge after multiple recent burglaries

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LAWRENCE, Ind.– A neighborhood in Lawrence is working to put an end to thieves targeting their neighborhood. Recent home break-ins are causing families to feel uneasy in their own homes and they want answers.

Police now have these crimes on their radar, after three homes were burglarized in one month.

“It just makes you so sick,” said Ann Seefeldt.

Seefeldt and her husband knew there had been two other break-ins in their Oakland Hills neighborhood, but they never imagined that her house would be the third target.

One week ago, they left to go see a comedy show and when they returned something seemed off. Their dogs were barking, and they noticed a draft coming from the basement.

“He walked down and immediately saw that they had kicked in our glass window,” Seefeldt explained. “I didn’t cry, I didn’t scream, I didn’t freak out, I was just in a state of numbness.”

The thieves got away with family heirlooms and jewelry.

“They took my dad’s masonic ring. They took my grandmothers black onyx. They took my opal and emerald ring that my mother gave me for my 16th birthday,” Seefeldt said.

The McCullough family down the street also feeling the pain of losing items that are irreplaceable. They were the first target for the thieves.

“You feel violated,” said Tim McCullough. “Mine were highly sentimental. Things that belonged to my father when he passed away that I inherited and things that belonged to my oldest daughter that I inherited when she passed away.”

Gary Woodruff, chief deputy of the Lawrence Police Department, says right now there are no suspect leads. In the meantime, neighbors have do their part.

“Alarm systems are terrific,” said Woodruff, “The basics of lighting around a residence, but there’s really nothing better than neighbors looking out for neighbors.”

The Lawrence Police Department is also helping set up a neighborhood crime watch, which can help neighborhoods be proactive.

“We would be happy if every neighborhood in Lawrence had a crime watch program up and running,” said Woodruff.

In hopes of putting a stop to intruders, Seefeldt says she’s taken away an important lesson.

“Here’s my public service announcement: Take pictures of all of your good jewelry, so if heaven forbid this never happens to anybody else but you at least have that information,” Seefeldt stated.

If you know anything about these crimes call crime stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).

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