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LAWRENCE, Ind. (December 26, 2015) — No arrest were made following a large post-party fight in Lawrence overnight.

According to Lawrence police, multiple fights broke out after an underage party was cancelled at The Silver Centre Event Hall. Around midnight, an estimated 300 people were outside the local Walmart in the 10000 block of Pendleton Pike. Lawrence Police along with IMPD were called into the break-up the crowd.

A few teenagers told Fox59, a couple police officers were outside the event hall for security purposes as the party was going on. The officers were making sure people didn’t bring in booze and weapons. However, a group snuck past the police and started causing trouble. This led to the party being shutdown. The teens say multiple people started throwing rocks at the event hall and police, upset because they had paid money to get into a party that was cancelled two hours early.

The crowd began to disperse once more officers showed up. Police say no one was injured and no arrests were made.